Welcome to our new website!

The old website was not mobile-friendly, so a change was needed. We are still finalising some details, but all the essential information is up-to-date.

One of the new sections of our website is the blogs. Here, we will regularly post things about the area, day trips, projects around the house, our experiences, etc.

To test this part of our site, we will now introduce our fellow residents.

Vino (Golden oldie) is the oldest and shyest cat we have. Very few guests have seen her, as she likes to sit inside and hide from strangers. To us, Vino is a lovely and affectionate cat who loves to spend the winter in front of the stove or on our laps.

Tina (Terror Tina) is our second cat. She was found on the street in Zadar by German guests. These guests have been coming here for several years and knew we would take care of her, so Tina brought Tina to us. Tina is the best hunter we have and is practically always outside. The guests and we don’t see her very often, as she only comes home for food, a nap, a cuddle or some mischief.

Koko (Coconutz) is a special one. Ward heard a kitten crying in the bushes 3 years ago and went to explore…. and he found a scared kitten. We took her in when we discovered she was deaf. She is adorable, can shout loudly and at times acts a bit silly. Guests see her almost every day at breakfast, where she sits waiting for a snack, and sometimes she gets it!

Charlie (King Charles) is the last one and youngest in line. Charlie showed up here one day, and he stayed. He was immediately charming and affectionate, and we have no idea where he came from. Charlie always comes to greet guests because he is very curious, feels like the king of the B&B and really likes to be cuddled.






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