Fall in Dalmatia

Fall is a very important period for us and the people of the village. Around mid-September (until the end of September), it’s time to pick grapes and make wine. Almost everyone here in town makes their own white and red wine. The grape varieties mainly used here are Debit, Pošip and Babić. Each year, we help our neighbours, and we hope to have enough grapes in the garden next year to make our own wine. This year, unfortunately, we did not succeed.

After making the wine, another very important harvesting is coming up in fall – olives. We have about 40 trees to pick, but that is nothing compared to some neighbours with hundreds of trees on different plots. Olive oil is an essential source of income for some. If the weather allows, we will pick our olives on Friday this week and then go and help our neighbour with harvesting. After the harvest, a blog will follow with what a day of picking olives looks like in Blizna Donja.

Almost every village has its own olive press, and everyone here does cold pressing to ensure the best quality oil. We are particularly proud of our pure and tasty olive oil. We have enough for our own use because of our trees, but we also like to offer olive oil to our guests, so every year, we buy a quantity from our neighbours. If you want to buy olive oil, you can always contact us.






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