Terms & Conditions

  1. The prices of the rooms can be found at our website and includes breakfast,
    prizes can be changed at any given time.
  2. Our B&B is not suitable for people in wheelchairs.
  3. Our rooms are suitable for 2 people per room, we can put a small bed for
    children up to 3 years in room Vino.
  4. We are no responsible for loss, theft, accidents, personal injuries, medical
    expenses or damage to property, caused by personal inattentiveness or by
    circumstances beyond our reach.
  5. We are not liable for failures in and around the accommodation, such as
    power outages, WiFi,… In case of bad weather with a chance of
    thunderstoms, we will unplug the WiFi and turn off the pool lights. There is a
    chance that the electricty will be out for some time after a thunderstorm.
  6. We expect guests to follow the rules and more details about the house rules
    are available in the kitchen.
  7. Smoking is only allowed outside.